4 Job Interview Questions Designed to Mess You Up

Interview Questions That Mess You UpHave a big interview coming up? We all know the best way to prepare… is to over-prepare.

Reviewing your resume and being comfortable talking about everything on it; thoroughly understanding the mission of the company, and how you can help are great places to start.

As recruiters work hard to find new ways to differentiate candidates, however, it is also important to know some of the tricky questions they might ask during the interview… and come up with answers that will make you shine.

In a classic Forbes article, Jenna Goudreau shared 10 tricky interview questions you should always be prepared to answer. She shared tips from Joyce Lain Kennedy, the author of Job Interviews for Dummies.

Here are the four that might throw you off a bit:

1. How Did You Prepare for This Interview?

This is a great opportunity to show how much you know about the industry, company, department or interviewer but also to show your organizational skills. This will reveal how you go about preparing for interviews which could show the interviewer how you will work with deadlines, prepare for meetings with clients and how thorough you might be with assignments.

2. Where Would You Really Like to Work?

This question is meant to assure the interviewer you aren’t applying to every job opening in sight. According to Kennedy, you should never mention another company or job title because the point of every interview is to convince the interviewer this is the job you want and you are perfect for it. Use this as an opportunity to share what you know about the company and why you are a perfect fit.

3. What Bugs You About Coworkers or Bosses?

You might get along pleasantly with the interviewer, but this question is meant to see how you get along with others. Kennedy suggests reflecting for a brief time but not sharing any stories or anything specific. Use this as an opportunity to compliment bosses and past coworkers. This will show your positivity and ability to work well with others.

4. Can You Describe a Work or School Example Where You Made a Mistake?

This is a common interview question, but one that catches many people off-guard. Do you take responsibility for your failings? Or do you deny you’ve ever made a mistake? Everyone messes up, it’s all about how you handle it. Kennedy suggests mentioning a single, small, well-intentioned mistake and quickly following up with an important lesson you learned from the experience.

Have you been asked any odd questions on interviews? HR directors, do you have any interesting questions you ask on interviews?


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