#60Day Challenge, Day 23: Know Which Skills You Have… Now

#60Day 23 of 60 Which Skills Do You HaveYesterday on the #60Day Challenge, we spent time leveraging a powerful job search tool: a skills required assessment. Today, we compare the skills you have now to those you’ve determined are necessary for success in your career choice. Perhaps most important: we discover which skills you still need to obtain in order to be considered a top-tier candidate.

In Day 22 of the #60Day Challenge, you used job descriptions, advice from mentors, knowledge gained from industry associations, and counsel from career-related blog posts – along with TagCrowd – to compile a list of 15 to 20 skills employers will require of you. Or, more accurately stated: skills they will require of the person they hire for the job you want.

Today, we use that list to determine exactly where you stand… now. How many of those skills have you already mastered? How well can you articulate that mastery? Do you have quantified impact statements or real-world examples that will demonstrate – rather than just tell – the recruiter you get it?

Perhaps even more important: which skills do you need to focus on – right now – to be considered far more employable at the end of the #60Day Challenge?

How is this done? Well, let’s just say it isn’t as easy as it looks… but it’s well worth every minute you spend on this.

The first step – and the only task we’ll take on today – is to mark each skill as:

  • “Yes” | You own this and can articulate a situation where you’ve demonstrated this exact skill
  • “Maybe” | You aren’t really sure… and may have a hard time talking to a recruiter about this without using clichés and telling them what you think they want to hear
  • “No”| That skill isn’t part of your value proposition… yet

As you go through this process, don’t rationalize or stretch the truth. That won’t help you. Ask yourself, in the most objective way possible, which skills you know you demonstrate to a potential employer. If you are unsure, ask a mentor or close friend who is not afraid to tell you the truth.

As a way of showing how this might look when you’re done, let’s use our Community Manager example from yesterday and “Amy” – a fictional job seeker who is a passionate, self-taught user of social media and a proven relationship builder, but who hasn’t yet helped build a branded community:

Amy Community Manager Skills

Like Amy has done here, don’t be afraid to be emphatic… remember, it is important to celebrate the little wins!

Once done – with every task noted as a yes, maybe or no – you’ve completed today’s challenge. Another day down!

Tomorrow, we’ll continue this process… and at the end of the next task you’ll have an excellent answer ready for all your “yes” (and “Yes!”) answers when asked by a recruiter about that skill.








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