24 LinkedIn Endorsements Employers Would Actually Care About

LinkedIn EndorsementsThere is no such thing as a skills gap.

That’s the contention from Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times. He rejects the idea that employers can’t find people with the “right” set of skills:

“Think about what we would expect to find if there really were a skills shortage. Above all, we should see workers with the right skills doing well, while only those without those skills are doing badly. That is not the case.”

Krugman and other economists refer to “hard skills,” the ones LinkedIn lets us endorse on someone’s profile (ex: writing, research and financial analysis).

Employers tend not to take this feature on LinkedIn seriously, however. Why? Because it is one thing to do financial analysis, but equally important is how you do it. Do you communicate well? Are you dependable? Easy to work with? Considerate of others?

That’s why we should add these 24 “endorsements” to LinkedIn profiles – and give employers something they would actually care about when viewing your profile…

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Up above, high marks for a person who values everyone’s time and is a pleasure on the job. Wouldn’t you want a co-worker like that? Someone who makes each day better and not worse?

And statistically, that type of person is headed for big things.

job skills millennials

Active listening. Wow, how crucial is that nowadays as so many device try to steal our attention? Squirrel!

Plus, the person won’t leave the residue of an exploded Lean Cuisine inside all four walls of the microwave.

Bonus points there.

job skills millennials

Someone who takes critiques in stride AND actively looks for ways to get better? A boss would feel like he hit the jackpot.

job skills millennials

Yes, hard skills will always matter. With so many applicants available that can do the work, however, employers want to learn so much more.

Perhaps until LinkedIn figures out how to make their endorsement feature more valuable… job seekers should figure out a way to bring these skills up in conversation? After all, an employer just may want to know if you’re that person who never cleans after splattering left-overs all over the kitchen.





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