Want to Build Your Network? Offer No Reciprocation Required Value

scalable network Did you ever wonder if you were cut out for networking? That maybe you, and those you already know, might not be able to offer your network much in return for what you gain from them?

I used to have the same feelings at times. So today we’ll discuss the secret (one that  recently earned one of my readers a $5,000 salary bump) to consistently offering real value to those in your network, regardless of your experience level or the size of your network.

How to Help Anyone… By Offering Value

Adam reached out to me and asked for advice on two topics:

  • How to get traffic to his new website
  • Tips for finding a full time job

We setup a phone call and he started telling me what he has tried so far. I gave Adam lots of advice for both topics. As the call was coming to an end, I thought of a resource that would help him with both topics.

Me: “Have you ever heard of Ramit Sethi?”

Adam: “No. I will have to check him out”

Me: “Ramit is a master marketer and offers amazing career advice. Make sure you check out his “How to Negotiate Salary” video on Youtube.”

Adam: “Thanks for taking time to speak with me… I’ll keep you posted on my progress.”

Adam took my advice, did the work, and got results. Two months later I received the email below from Adam:


Connect With Anyone Email


I want you to notice how I offered value to Adam without:

  • Having a job lead for him or being in a position to hire him
  • Connecting Adam with anyone in my network
  • Rewriting his resume or cover letter

I simply shared a resource with Adam that I knew he would find extremely helpful. Adam did all the work. I just pointed him in the right direction.

Being well-read in your industry is one of the easiest ways to offer value.

Taking Real Action Take Less Than Five Minutes

Instead of thinking “What a great idea!” and marking this article as a favorite to come back to later, I want you to send a helpful resource or article (it could be this post) to someone – a colleague, boss, mentor, a recent new contact or an influencer – right now.

In a separate window, open your email and create a new message. Copy and paste the email below. Replace the text in red with your own.

Subject Line: Amanda, I thought of you as soon as I read this article

Hi Amanda, 

I just finished reading an article called “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEO.” The article breakdowns everything you need to know about SEO. I remember you telling me how overwhelming SEO was for you and I know you will find the article helpful.



Don’t ask for anything! Simply send a valuable piece of advice… no reciprocation required.

Get started, right now, and see how quickly you build your network.





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John MuscarelloAbout the Author: John Muscarello is the founder of Start Networking Today, a website that teaches recent graduates and young professionals how to network and advance their career. John breaks down networking and career advancement techniques he has used into simple actionable steps to help young professionals achieve career success. Connect with John onTwitter!



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