Should Students and Millennials Be on LinkedIn? [Infographic]

Should you – the student, recent graduate or young professional – be on LinkedIn? Is the social/professional network worth an investment of your time? The numbers in this infographic by scream “yes!”:

  • 30 million students now have an active account on LinkedIn
  • 36 millions Millennials are now active on the network

In other words, much of your competition is already on LinkedIn! Here are some other data points that might suggest that joining the “world’s largest professional network” is a good career move:

  • Every 2 seconds, another new member joins
  • 200 group conversations occur every minute
  • The number of jobs posted on LinkedIn will most likely exceed 2 million in 2014

Take a look at some other data points in the infographic… and then ask yourself:

Isn’t it time you join LinkedIn?









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