#60Day Challenge, Day 21: Celebrate Wins; Reset Expectations

#60Day 21 of 60 Celebrate Wins Reset ExpectationsDay 21 of the #60Day Challenge – a quest designed to help you become far more employable by spending just 60 minutes per day for 60 days – has us thinking not about the job search, but our own expectations around the job search…

Over and over, we hear how frustrating the job search has become. Today has been no exception. Mondays can be like that.

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why does it take so long to find work, or even get an interview?
  • Why – when just a few short years ago all you needed to get a job was a degree and proof you were breathing – does it feel like I now need to put in everything I have just to find entry-level work?

So on this Monday, we’re going to take a breather. We’re going to back off a bit… and reset our expectations. And we’re going to let reality put things back into perspective… not to add to the frustration, but to realize that we are doing everything we can within the current job market – and our personal environment – to find fulfilling work. On the other side, we’ll come out not only refreshed, but ready to take on Tuesday with renewed energy.

Here’s the current reality:

  • Jobs and internships continue to be scarce; you even need experience to get an internship
  • The average job search is now 32 to 40 weeks, depending on the source we listen to
  • Over 40% of college graduates are unemployed, under-employed or have just given up their job search

We can’t change any of that. Nor do we want to waste any of our precious energy trying. Your time is better spent; your energy needed for much more important issues.

What we can do – what you are doing by accepting and living the #60Day Challenge – is preparing to beat the odds. To be different. To put yourself in the position of the person who finds meaningful work in a few short weeks or a couple months… and not be in the position of measuring the length of your job search in years, as so many are doing right now.

Those who do measure their job search in years are already well behind you. They don’t have a great profile pic, new social media profiles and headlines or a Hire Me story. They haven’t scheduled a single informational interview or reconnected with old mentors. And they haven’t found the hope that we trust you have found through this challenge.

As we go into Week 4 of the #60Day Challenge, take 5 minutes and pat yourself on the back. Celebrate the wins you have. Smile. You – more than just about anyone around you – are making progress toward your goal of being employable in 60 days. You are winning.

It’s just that sometimes it takes a long time to play this game. And our expectations have to be set – or reset – to match a set of realities that remain well outside our control.

Stay focused. Keep working hard. Continue to accept the challenge.

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