#60Day Challenge, Day 20: Make LinkedIn Say “Hire Me!”

#60Day 20 of 60The 20th day of the #60Day Challenge is one sure to yield great dividends. Today, you will weave your “Hire Me” story from yesterday into your LinkedIn Summary…

As we said yesterday, everyone needs a “Hire Me” story – that compelling tale that seals the deal with a potential employer. The persuasive example from yesterday went like this:

“When I was 11 years old, my grandfather, who was dealing with Alzheimer’s, came to live with us. He needed around the clock care, and we had nurses in and out of the house all day. There was one nurse, Andrea, who took really good care of my grandfather. She didn’t tolerate his grouchiness, but was very respectful and patient. She actually listened to him, no matter how many times he told the same story. As his condition got worse, Grandpa could not remember my mom’s name, or mine. But he knew Andrea. Every time Andrea came in the house, Grandpa would just light up.

Andrea made a real difference in my Grandpa’s life. And ever since then, that is who I’ve wanted to be; that is what I knew I wanted to do with my life.”

Today, you are going to differentiate yourself from every other candidate by integrating your Hire Me story into your LinkedIn summary.

Where you insert your story can vary depending on your immediate career goals. If you are a current student or an active job seeker without a tremendous amount of experience yet, don’t be afraid to place your story at the very top of the summary. After all, when a recruiter finds you on LinkedIn, what do you think they would rather read: your academic track record, relevant coursework and GPA… or that Hire Me story?

Today’s task isn’t a simple cut and paste, however. In the LinkedIn version of your story, you are going to include something very important: relevant keywords. That way, recruiters searching for a certain criteria – a degree or certification, for example – will find you.

Typically, those keywords are best inserted toward the end of your Hire Me story, as demonstrated in the nursing example from yesterday:

“…Andrea made a real difference in my Grandpa’s life. And ever since then, that is who I’ve wanted to be; that is what I knew I wanted to do with my life.

I immediately pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from University of California-San Francisco and continued my education with a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) from Stanford, where I also completed two pediatric nursing internships. After 3 years of experience at the Newborn Nursery at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH), I am currently finishing my specialty training as a Neonatal Nurse.”

To determine the keywords a recruiter might use to find you, review the job descriptions relevant to your career choice. Then create an addendum to your memorable Hire Me story that recruiters searching for candidates are sure to find… and remember!






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