#60Day Challenge, Day 15: Say Thank You

#60Day 15a of 60Today, Day 15 of the #60Day Challenge, you are going to take just a few minutes and implement the most human – yet far too often forgotten – job search tool: saying “thank you”.

Day 15 of our challenge isn’t about you. Not directly, anyway.

Today is about taking the time to do something almost no one does. Not because we aren’t aware of the importance; or because of a lack of gratitude. We fail in this area for one reason: we get so tied up in our own life (including a stressful job search) that we don’t take the time to show appreciation to those who care enough to help us achieve our immediate goals.

Today, we say “thank you.”

And if you’ve followed along since the first day of the challenge, you know there are a lot of people to thank:

  • Day 1: Thanks go out to those mentors with whom you (finally) reconnected
  • Day 2: Show your appreciation to the new mentors you stalked (or rather, discovered)
  • Day 3: Say thank you to the friend who helped snap that new profile pic (if a selfie, thank yourself!)
  • Day 4 and Day 5: Thank those friends and mentors who know you well enough to craft your shiny new LinkedIn headline and Twitter bio
  • You can take credit for Day 6 and Day 7 as you put in the work to strengthen your social media presence
  • Day 8: Say thank you to those who agreed to sit down for an informational interview, and those who may have helped you connect with them
  • Day 9: Take a moment to tweet out a thank you to the participants in the Twitter chat who welcomed and guided you
  • Day 10: Send InMails to those people you’ve connected with in your new LinkedIn Groups and those who have inspired you to comment or engage
  • Days 12 and 13: Thank those from your personal network, industry associations and alums who may have helped you understand your best fit and then build your target employer list
  • Day 14: If you were successful at finding a volunteer opportunity, say thank you to those who helped and those who have agreed to take you on

While you are showing appreciation, thank those who are helping you stay on track with the #60Day Challenge. You knew this wouldn’t be easy… and without them you may not have made it this far.

No, saying thank you isn’t all about you, or your job search. But send out a few emails, InMails and tweets showing appreciation… and see how good it makes you feel.

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