#60Day Challenge, Day 14: Volunteer!

#60Day 14 of 60Day 14 of the #60Day Challenge – where every day we emphasize a task that will make you far more employable just two months from now – puts you in the position of serving others while also serving your career goals well, through volunteering…

One of the best ways for a young professional with limited work experience to impress an employer?


By serving as a volunteer on weekends or around your existing schedule you:

  • Develop or improve soft skills
  • Raise your self-confidence and EQ
  • Build valuable experience
  • Demonstrate passion for your community
  • Show an employer you are a “giver”
  • Learn more about your desired career path
  • Network with like-minded colleagues and potential mentors

In other words: all the stuff employers look for in a new team member. And yet, very few young careerists feature volunteering on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles. So your task for Day 14 of the #60Day Challenge: arrange two high-quality volunteer assignments.

Neither of the assignments need be long-term; a single day is enough to get you thinking more about serving others. From there, you can decide if, and where, you’d like to commit more of your time.

Where do you find volunteer opportunities? To start, contact:

  • Your campus and alumni networks
  • Local charities and churches
  • Community and senior centers
  • Youth organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA and YWCA
  • National organizations like American Red Cross, United Way and Habitat for Humanity
  • Websites like Idealist and VolunteerMatch

When speaking with these organizations, keep in mind that this effort – like most of the tasks in the #60Day Challenge – is best when a mutually-beneficial relationship develops. To that end, be sure to mention your personal passions and career goals. If the volunteer coordinator doesn’t understand your ambition to work in public relations, for example, they may have you serving in the kitchen instead of working with a mentor in the marketing department.

Volunteering is not only good for the soul… it is good for your career.

Determine where you may want to serve as a volunteer. Discover where you can make a difference. Learn where you may best develop skills that make you far more employable. Then get to work!

For more discussion about volunteering, join us on Twitter tonight at 9pm on #InternPro chat, where our topic is “Volunteering: How Service of Others Serves You Well”.

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