The 9 Types of Truly Bad Handshakes [Infographic]

Nobody has to tell you: for every job, there is a lot of competition. Make it to the interview round, and you may be up against 10 or 20 other job seekers – the best of the best. Every part of your presentation counts immensely… even one mistake can be costly.

No pressure!

Amidst all that seriousness on a Friday, we thought we’d have some fun with one of the most important, and sometimes one of the most awkward, parts of the job interview… that first handshake. Sometimes sweaty, sometimes far too eager and other times like holding a dead fish… we never really seem to know what to expect. And neither does the person interviewing you, who deals with these greetings up to 15 times per day.

This entertaining infographic from Chase Technology Consultants shows us nine of the worst kinds of handshakes. Which do you identify most closely with… and which is the worst you’ve ever personally delivered at a job interview?








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