#60Day Challenge, Day 10: Join Ten LinkedIn Groups

#60Day 10 of 60Day 10 of the #60Day Challenge – where each day we focus on a single task that takes less than an hour to complete – will focus on a networking tool sure to expand your network and help build your personal brand: LinkedIn Groups.

In Day 9, we challenged you to schedule a Twitter chat. About those chats, we said: “There is simply no better way – in one hour – to meet new people that will have a significant impact on your career.”

LinkedIn Groups, simply put, are Twitter chats on steroids. Over the long-haul, nothing we’ve found comes close to matching the networking, branding and self-learning potential that comes with actively participating in LinkedIn Groups. By committing a little time each day to this tool, you can’t help but grow professionally and personally.

These groups share another commonality with Twitter Chats: there are many, many of them. In fact, there is a LinkedIn Group for almost every career path – and for every stage of your career. Some of our career-related favorites include:

We also encourage to look for groups (use the LinkedIn search function and select ‘Groups’ from the pull-down menu) where you’ll most likely share commonalities:

  • Clubs
  • Fraternities
  • Industry Associations
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Social media and networking
  • Your school, as well as their alumni association and career center
  • Your target companies (which we’ll talk about tomorrow, Day 11)

You can join up to 50 groups, but perhaps that is a bit much as you start your career. The key – like every other aspect of networking – is to focus on engagement. Don’t just join a group, contribute. Ask questions. Start discussions. Share blog posts that resonate with you and comment on those posts shared by others. If it seems a good fit for your career and networking goals, consider serving as a volunteer moderator for the group. However you choose to participate, be consistent!

Your task today, on Day 10 of the #60Day Challenge: join ten LinkedIn Groups.

Be sure to introduce yourself in each, perhaps using the headline you crafted in Day 4. Choosing the groups and the self-introduction will take you about an hour today. Moving forward, you might spend 20 to 30 minute per day on consistent interactions within those groups. The time is well worth the effort!

Get involved in LinkedIn Groups – and watch your network, list of available mentors and awareness of your personal brand grow quickly.

Feeling good about today’s challenge? Ready for Day 11? Click here!



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