Are Millennials The Lost Generation? [Infographic]

Millennials have been labeled as lazy, entitled and coddled. We have been stereotyped as those who are given everything and are unilaterally unappreciative. And all the while, many of us are unemployed and-or in debt up to our eyeballs.

Yet we continue to thrive in a difficult-at-best economy, the kind of which was anticipated by almost no one.

So how about we start talking about the positives that members of Gen Y bring to the table; how about we start using labels such as tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and optimistic?

This infographic from highlights what Millennials are all about, how we’re dealing with the new economy and how we define ourselves compared to other generations. Check out some of the data points, and see if maybe we can start talking about some other labels for Millennials like resilient, tolerant and entrepreneurial…








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