#60Day Challenge, Day 7: Social Media Sanity Check

#60Day 7 of 60You now have a renewed presence on all three major social networking sites: a new headline on LinkedIn, a high-impact bio on Twitter and a new attitude about how to use Facebook to get your career moving in the right direction. But now that you’ve put yourself in a great position on social, wouldn’t it be nice to know whether your social strategy is ready for prime time?

Today, Day 7 of the #60Day Challenge, we help you determine if you’re doing social right, and perhaps where you might need to improve, with a Social Media Sanity Check…

So how do you know if all that work you’re doing online – work you will certainly continue doing during the #60Day Challenge – is paying off? Are you gaining traction for your brand? Meeting new influencers and mentors? Will potential employers like what they see when they find you not only on the “Big 3” (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) but also on other social networks and landing pages?

To figure out where you stand, we’ve developed what we call a “Social Media Sanity Check”. To get started, thoroughly answer these ten questions. For each, award yourself the weighted points associated with the three possible answers: “Often”, “Sometimes” and “Don’t Ask”.

1. How often would a potential employer, when bouncing from one of your social accounts to another, see consistent branding messages and pics (value proposition, avatars, etc.)? (Points: Often = 7; Sometimes = 4; Don’t Ask = 1)

2. Objectively looking at all your posts, across all networks, how well are you serving your goals for social media? How far do your posts stray from what you hope to accomplish? (Points: Often = 5; Sometimes = 3; Don’t Ask = 1)

3. How often do you respond to a connection request on LinkedIn, an email, or a tweet or DM on Twitter within 24 hours? (Points: Often = 7; Sometimes = 4; Don’t Ask = 1)

4. How much are you contributing to your network? How often do you share or blog post, a Facebook update or retweet? How often do you comment on others’ work? (Points: Often = 10; Sometimes = 5; Don’t Ask = 1)

5. Are you truly engaging, or are you broadcasting (your need for a job, for instance)? In other words, are you having any real conversations on social? How often do you make introductions to others on social? (Points: Often = 10; Sometimes = 5; Don’t Ask = 1)

6. How closely are you monitoring industry trends, keywords and hashtags relevant to your career? Are you staying relevant, by using social to stay informed? (Points: Often = 5; Sometimes = 3; Don’t Ask = 1)

7. Throughout your online presence, do you take advantage of opportunities to turn someone else’s challenge into a victory for your personal brand? When, and how often, are you seen as someone willing to help? (Points: Often = 5; Sometimes = 3; Don’t Ask = 1)

8. How often do you check your presence from a mobile device? Or do you wait to check email and your networks from a desktop or laptop when it’s convenient for you? (Points: Often = 5; Sometimes = 3; Don’t Ask = 1)

9. How aware are you of your career competition’s work on social? What are they doing that you can emulate? What mistakes are they making that you can learn from? (Points: Often = 5; Sometimes = 3; Don’t Ask = 1)

10. Have often do you use auto-DMs, TrueTwit validations, or any other form of auto-messaging that is, without a doubt, hurting your personal brand? (Points: Often = 0; Sometimes = 3; Don’t Need to Ask = 5)

Now, total up your points for all ten questions. How did you do?

  • If your score is greater than 60, you are – from a social media point of view, at least – the epitome of sane
  • If your score is between 40 and 59, you are doing well… but can improve in several critical areas
  • Score less than 40? Your online brand is in crazy need of some work.

For each of the #60Day Challenge tasks, our goal is to keep the completion time below 60 minutes. We realize that in today’s challenge to thoroughly answer each of these questions – and especially to put in place the necessary corrections – may take you more than hour.

We strongly encourage you to invest that time. What you learn about yourself – and the level of sanity you’ll bring to your social media presence – is well worth the effort!

Don’t procrastinate Day 7. Dig in. Get it done! Your social sanity may depend on it.

Then move on to Day 8 of the #60Day Challenge… by clicking here!






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