#60Day Challenge, Day 6: Make Facebook Your Career BFF

#60Day 6 of 60Day 3: Great profile pic… check! Day 4: New LinkedIn headline… check! Day 5: Brand-spanking new Twitter bio… check! Today, Day 6 of the #60Day Challenge, we introduce you to your career’s newest BFF: your Facebook account.

We hear it all the time: “My Facebook account is personal!”


Over three-quarters of recruiters confess they use your Facebook account to pre-judge you. A whole bunch more won’t admit it… but they do, too.

So why not use that to your advantage? Why not position yourself as infinitely employable… on your Facebook page?

First, let’s discuss the advice you may have heard about “scrubbing your Facebook page” – specifically, getting rid of any post or pic that may not be 100% professional. On that, we call “bullshit”.

Despite the recruiters-turned-puritans on social media that may want to judge you for having fun – and being human during your college years – you have the right to be yourself. And if a recruiter is going to judge you for enjoying clean fun as a young adult… well, you probably don’t want to work there.

Having said that: yes, you should probably get rid of any picture or post (yours, or your friend’s posts that show up in your timeline) that includes:

  • A red solo cup
  • Underwear on your head
  • Those girls (and guys) gone wild links
  • Over-use of swearing
  • Mentions of drug use
  • Polarizing comments about politics, religion or similar
  • “My boss sucks!”

Other than that… be yourself – and find an employer who respects that.

Ultimately, your goal is to make your Facebook page should an accurate reflection of the whole you, including the career aspect of your life. Yet few of us use Facebook to help brand ourselves as a passionate young professional.

Starting today, you are going to take full advantage of Facebook – and thoroughly impress those recruiters when they check you out. How? One career-related post every day, on your Facebook page. 5 minutes.

What will you post – preferably instead of those updates that might depict you as a troll, drama queen or diva? Here are some suggestions:

Admiration for a brand on your employer target list:

  • “Love the work being done by Warby-Parker in South America! #dreamjob”

An insightful blog post by an influencer in your industry or career path:

  • “Did you read Seth Godin’s post on ‘Bat Boy Syndrome’ at work? Be courageous!”

A positive update on your job hunt or a job search tip that has worked really well for you:

  • “Just set up an informational interview with Jason at Google. That will be a one great cup of coffee.”

A mention of a self-learning endeavor:

  • “Nailed the last module in my project management MOOC today… done.”

A public thank you to a mentor you spoke with recently”

  • “Just got off the phone with the most amazing woman. Thank you, Julia Gabor at Tiger Woods Foundation!”

When a recruiter sees these posts (once they get over the shock as they rarely see these posts on Facebook), they are clear about one thing: you care about your industry, your network and your career. And who do you think goes to the top of the “must interview” list?


Make Facebook your career’s newest BFF… with just one post per day.

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