#60Day Challenge, Day 5: Reboot Your Twitter Bio

#60Day 5 of 60Day 4 is behind you – and right next to that shiny new profile pic from Day 3 is a sparkling LinkedIn headline that creatively states your unique value proposition. So for Day 5 of the #60Day Challenge, we’re going to take all that good social karma and visit your job search best friend, Twitter. There, you’ll take your Twitter profile from “Meh” to “Marvelous!”…

Like Day 4 assumed you had a LinkedIn account already established (and why wouldn’t you?), to a certain extent Day 5 assumes you have established a Twitter account that brands you well.

If you don’t, let’s do that first; it takes just a few minutes. When setting up your account (or when rebooting your existing account):

  • Use as close to your real name as possible for your handle (those on Twitter are far more likely to follow @johnpwilson than they are @partyboyjohn1996)
  • Upload that great new profile pic from Day 3
  • Rather than use the default that Twitter provides, Google “Twitter backgrounds” and select a professional background for your profile; two of our favorite resources are TwitterGallery (free) and SocialIdentities (not free)
  • Include a link to your website where your work is featured, perhaps a blog, About.me or LinkedIn profile
  • Include your city and state (this is especially important if looking for work in your current location)

With that all done… it is time to build the most important aspect of your Twitter profile: the 160 character bio line.

First, let’s be clear: your Twitter bio line is not the same as your LinkedIn headline. Yes, you want to brand consistently. Unlike LinkedIn, though, your bio on Twitter is how a potential employer or influencer will find you through keywords. So, you want your bio to contain specific words and phrases from your industry, your goals and your personal passions and activities.

Most important: you want to be likeable. You want the reader of your profile to say, “She looks like a cool person, and we have something in common. Good connection!”

As an example, we’ll use a LinkedIn profile suggestion from yesterday – and turn that into an effective Twitter bio…


“Three-time Campus Ambassador ready to help your brand find the best young talent.”


“Three-time Campus Ambassador, HR pro, culture addict & college recruiter. @AKPsi brother at University of Oregon. Avid reader, blog hound and learner. #goducks”

That thorough profile will draw far more attention to your Twitter account for many reasons, and is so much better than the all-too-common generic profile we talked about yesterday:

“Student at George Mason graduating in May 2014 with a degree in Marketing”.


Your Twitter bio line is your introduction to the outside world – your digital handshake. Be creative and specific. Show some personality. And go from “never found” and “not interested” to “instantly relevant” on Twitter!

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