#60Day Challenge, Day Four: LinkedIn Headline Upgrade

#60Day 4 of 60You’ve now completed Day 3 of the challenge – and have posted an avatar that screams, “This is me… and I mean it!”

So Day 4 of the #60Day Challenge (where we deliberately work on one key element of your job search in a task you can complete in less than one hour) moves our focus just to the right of your smiling face on LinkedIn: the all-important LinkedIn headline.

Everyone needs an attention-grabbing LinkedIn headline. However, most of them – while technically correct – are nothing short of boring. In fact, many LinkedIn headlines miss the whole point:

To impress the reader! To make them say, “This is a person I could see on my team!”

No offense to your last or current position – or your status as a student – but that type of headline just doesn’t impress. Yet that is what far too many use for a headline. We provide some examples below, followed by what a typical hiring decision maker might think of that headline:

  • “Student at George Mason graduating in May 2014 with a degree in Marketing” (yeah, you and a million others… next!)
  • “Floor Manager at Honey Baked Hams” (Um, how does that tell me what you’ll be able to do at my company?)
  • “Social Media Expert and Marketing Guru” (Seriously???)

Today, by crafting a value proposition sure to impress your target audience, you will dramatically improve your LinkedIn headline…

First, strike any mention of “student” (as well as any words that indicate you haven’t yet entered the workforce on a full-time basis). Then, unless your current or last title directly relates to the job or internship you seek, lose the job title that takes up so much space.

For most, making these two changes will mean the headline field is nearly blank. That is a good thing.

Now, time to get creative! Not the creative type? Go find a right-brained friend and buy them a cup of coffee. Your goal: to use this valuable space to tell the reader who you are, what to expect from you and how you will make a difference at their company. For example:

  • “Three-time Campus Ambassador ready to help your brand find the best young talent.”
  • “Customer focused sales professional ready to take your technology start-up to the next level.”
  • “I use both sides of my brain: first to create content; then to design and execute strategy so it gets read and shared.”
  • “I get more stuff done, and build more relationships, before 8am than most do before happy hour.”
  • “A practitioner of the Mathematical Arts ready to help launch your next mobile app.”

See the trend: creative and confident with a clear value proposition. That is how you get noticed – and hired!

Start writing… you have 60 minutes… go!

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