#60Day Challenge, Day Two: Stalk New Mentors

#60Day 2 of 60The #60Day Challenge is designed to provide job and internship seekers with a step-by-step process to become highly employable just two months from now. Each day, in about 300 words, we’ll focus on a key element of career development that in most cases will take less than an hour to complete; mastering that task get you a baby step closer to your dream job or internship. Yesterday, our focus was on reconnecting with influencers and mentors who will make a huge difference in your career. Today, we talk about initiating new mentor relationships…

We all know that one person we really want to meet; someone who works for a brand we admire, a blogger we follow or someone we know from a past internship or volunteer job. Whoever it is, your career would benefit by having that person in your corner.

Today, you are going to reach out to that person… by becoming a world-class stalker.

No, not the creepy kind! The good kind – the social media kind who gets things done and won’t take no for an answer.

Step One: Identify who you want on your side. Shoot for someone ultra-successful in your career path or at one of your target companies who also seems able and willing to assist. (The Dalai Lama would be a great mentor… but probably isn’t accessible.)

Step Two: Google them. If they have a significant digital presence their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts will all show up on page one of the search results.

Step Three: Contact them directly. Yes, this may be outside your comfort zone. Get over it… and say hello. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter. As we learned yesterday … give them a reason to want to connect: talk about your passions, tell them how much you admire their perspective or what you like about their brand. Then simply request a few minutes of their time to ask a few questions. Someone who sees potential in you, and who is a natural mentor, rarely says no.

Step Four, if necessary: After a couple attempts to connect, but with no response, reach out to your current network: “Hello, Friends. I am attempting to connect with Roberta Smith at ABC Company, who I know would be a great mentor. Does anyone know Roberta?”

If this approach doesn’t yield results, and you don’t get a response from your stalking target over the next week or so, here’s the mindset we suggest you develop in your mentor quest:


There are a million potential mentors out there – and you’re not going to stop at just one mentor even if you hit a home run on your first attempt. One at a time, use your stalking powers to connect. Rinse and repeat.

Your goal for Day Two of the #60Day Challenge: before Day 30, develop mutually-beneficial relationships with three new mentors. Now… get to work! (And remember, it isn’t technically “stalking” until the restraining order is served.)

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