#60Day Challenge, Day One: Reconnect with Current Relationships

#60Day 1 of 60 ReconnectingThe #60Day Challenge is designed to provide job and internship seekers with a step-by-step process to become highly employable just two months from now. Each day, in 300 words or less and with a task that in most cases will take you less than an hour to complete, we’ll focus on a different key element of career development. Once done, we’ll get you a baby step closer to your dream job or internship. Today, Day 1 of 60, we focus on reconnecting with influencers and mentors who will make a huge difference in your career.

In the professional world, we hear this often: “Content is King”. For a young careerist however, we have a different saying:

“Connections are King.”

You, right now, have connections in your LinkedIn account, perhaps on Twitter or those who you’ve met on a Twitter chat or at a networking function – that are neglected. You likely haven’t talked to them in months; maybe years. You are going to fix that.

Today, you will go through your LinkedIn account (click ‘Network’ then ‘Contacts’ and perhaps sort by last name in case you get interrupted and need to come back). If you don’t have a huge number of connections on LinkedIn yet, go through your Twitter account, contacts on your smartphone or (finally!) go through that pile of business cards in your desk drawer.

Quickly go through your list and note 10 to 15 influencers and mentors (an old professor, alumni, fraternity member, business contact, speaker, author, recruiter, etc.) with whom you have lost contact. Reach out. Provide an update of your life and career. Most important: ask if there is anything you can do to help them. In other words, give them a reason to reconnect other than, “Hey, been a long time, hasn’t it?!”

Once you have re-established contact, take that relationship to the next level; Steve Levy (@levyrecruits) puts it best: “pick up the damn phone!” Arrange a call. Or a Skype meeting. If the contact is geographically close, invite them to coffee.

Reconnect. Become top of mind. Earn that enthusiastic referral from a mentor or influencer!

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