YouTern’s #60Day Career Challenge: Will You Join Us?

IP_TwitterStarting with tonight’s #InternPro chat on Twitter, YouTern is laying down a challenge:

In 60 days from today, become 100% ready to turn your dream career – or the next step in your career plan – into real-world reality.

Perhaps that’s a job after graduation. Maybe a summer internship with one of your target companies. Or a summer job to help offset next year’s tuition.

Whatever your career goal: we’ll help you get there.

And along the way – together with our contributors, mentors and #InternPro community – we will provide daily inspiration. Every day here on The Savvy Intern, we’ll focus on a different key element of career development – which, once mastered, will get you closer to your dream job.

Daily topics will include real world, proven career tips to make you stand out in an ocean of competition:

  • Perfect your elevator pitch (and share with the community)
  • Build and maintain mentor relationships with influencers within your industry
  • Create a value proposition so employers know exactly how you’ll solve their problem
  • Live experiences that will demonstrate your willingness to learn and serve others
  • Develop and demonstrate a “relentless giver” approach to networking
  • Schedule and complete those critical informational interviews
  • And so much more!

Warning: the #60Day Challenge is no place for trolls, drama queens, divas or helicopter parents. We’ll work together to provide you with the support you need, absolutely! But – just like the rest of your career – no one is going to do the work for you.

Roll up your sleeves. Put your work gloves on. Get ready to hustle – and be prepared to turn your career dreams into real world reality! Ultimately, success is all up to you!

Will you join us? Will you take the #60Day Challenge?

Click here to jump to Day 1 of the challenge!






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