Spring Ahead! 5 Things to Do Now to Beat Your Career Competition

Spring BreakSpring break may be over for some, this time of year is still a great opportunity to think about your career and organizing your job search… especially if you are graduating soon.

Here are 5 ideas that can help you get your job search on, even while you’re spring breaking (or recovering from spring break!). Commit to doing at least three, and you’ll have job search momentum going into summer break or graduation.

No. 1: Spend Quality Time Building Your LinkedIn Profile!

Your LinkedIn profile introduces you to the world. Check out my two online workshops with Aziz Abdur Ra’oof from the University of Maryland, both specifically for college students, on 5 Steps To Build A LinkedIn Profile, and 5 Steps To Write A Great LinkedIn Summary. You can get instant access here. (Be sure to follow Aziz on Twitter at @Ziz87.)

No. 2: Plan Your Networking Strategy

Once you’re on LinkedIn, start connecting with everyone you’ve ever met! And I mean everyone! Neighbors, friends, students, faculty. Don’t forget all your family members, including parents. Parents of friends, and friends of parents.

On LinkedIn, connect with alumni no matter how distant a connection they are for you. In the top navigation bar, click “network,” then “find alumni.” (Remember to always personalize the connection request.)

No. 3 Schedule an Informational Interview (or Several!)

Commit to scheduling at least one coffee meeting with someone in your area who can provide insight and advice on your career plan. Here’s a complete rundown on informational interviews, including how to prepare, how to conduct the meeting, and how to follow up!

No. 4: Dip Your Toe in the Networking Water

See if the Young Professional organization in your area has an event or activity while you’re on break. Find one in your area and go all in to meet new people. Even if there’s no action while you’re off, you can reconnect with them during the summer.

This may cause a little anxiety at first, but it help you visualize your transition to early career. (Don’t forget your business cards!)

No. 5: Order Those Business Cards

This is a fun and easy step. Look around online for one of the numerous business card printers and order your starter stock.

Make sure they include your name, phone, professional email (not a .edu, or a partygirl23@gmail.com type of email) and your LinkedIn URL (get directions on getting your LinkedIn URL here). Then maybe include some keywords about your personal brand or value statement.

Spring is a great time to get your head in the game. Balance fun with productivity. And then look at around others who didn’t make any progress over spring break… and just smile, knowing you are now winning the career competition.





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Lea McLeodAbout the Author: Lea McLeod is author of the Resume Coloring Book. Check it out if you are struggling with writing your resume in today’s job market. She’s also founder of the Job Success Lab so that you can GO PRO in any job! Follow her on Twitter and her blog: DegreesofTransition.com.



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