50 REALLY Bad Answers to “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

Almost everyone dreads that one question – the job interview staple so inexplicably routine it has become the biggest cliché in the entire hiring process (and the subject of hundreds of blog posts on how to best answer).

“What is your greatest weakness?”

Just for fun, we decided to take a little different look at this question… and the answer. Using two words only, and with tongue firmly in cheek, here might be the worst possible answers to the worst question ever asked in a job interview:

“What is your greatest weakness?”

  1. First impressions
  2. Internet porn
  3. Pending charges
  4. Ex wife
  5. Pee cups
  6. Common sense
  7. Helicopter Parents
  8. Karaoke machines
  9. Washington Colorado
  10. Opposable thumbs
  11. Breaking Bad
  12. Jack Daniels
  13. Skinny jeans
  14. The “voices”
  15. Authority figures
  16. Genital warts
  17. Ex husband
  18. Celine Dion
  19. Social media
  20. Kate Upton
  21. Adam Levine
  22. Back hair
  23. Parole officer
  24. Toe fungus
  25. Car singing
  26. Hostess Twinkies
  27. Tighty whities
  28. Belly shirts
  29. Tear gas
  30. Shoe collection
  31. Stalking accusations
  32. Stalking convictions
  33. #hashtag #usage
  34. Digestive gasses
  35. Real Housewives
  36. Personal restraint
  37. Being restrained
  38. Restraining Order
  39. Automatic weapons
  40. Red Bull
  41. Tequila shots
  42. Mug shots
  43. Snap chat
  44. Keg stands
  45. Getting hired
  46. Lethal injection
  47. My haircut
  48. The 60’s
  49. Your momma
  50. I never seem to be able to offer concise responses to what should, to most people and according to all appearances, be a simple, straightforward question. My mother says it is because my grandfather on her side, my mom’s dad, was the same way until he died several years ago… but not in the hospital like most people would think but at home in his pajamas… liked to talk a lot, especially when he’d have a Guinness or two. Instead, I seem to just ramble on endlessly… I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this distraction from the real, and sometimes stressful, world of work. What are your favorites? What would you add (PG-13 at least, please!) to this list? Tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter: @YouTern.






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