5 Expert Tips to Help Recruiters Find You on LinkedIn

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As we all know, well over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn according to the 2013 Jobvite social recruiting study, to search, contact, keep tabs, and vet candidates.

So why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook with job offers?

Here’s what you need to do to ensure recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn profile!

1. Use the Right Key Words in Your Headline

By default, LinkedIn uses your most recent job title and employer in your headline…

Change this!

Think about the keywords or phrases a recruiter or hiring manager would use to search for someone to fill a job. These are the words you would want to use in your headline. You have 120 characters, use them wisely!

LI-heaadline-examplesIf you are about to graduate, you don’t need to include that information in your headline. Instead, use keywords found in the job postings that interest you the most.

One more thing…

Avoid using buzzwords and cliches in your headline. After all, it is doubtful anyone would search for “team player” and “organized” when searching for you. Why? Because that is what almost every job seeker on the planet says!



2. Say More In Your Summary

Your summary should provide a high-level overview of what you do (and what you like doing). Here are just some of the things you can include in your summary:

  • Use key words and skill sets that are valued by future employers
  • Describe the successes you have had (and quantify whenever possible)
  • List the industry experience you have accumulated
  • Include processes, procedures, software and other tools you are familiar with
  • Consider adding samples of work, pictures and other media too!

Whenever possible, show the impact of your work. Quantify! (Remember: numbers, ‘%’ and ‘$’ are your job search best friends.)

3. Create A New Status Update Every Day

As I skimmed through my home page, looking for status updates from job seekers in my network, I was sadly disappointed. I couldn’t find a single one! One of the best ways to stay top of mind and build a memorable reputation: sharing relevant and on-brand news, stories and events. (On-brand for a job seeker is NOT job search stuff. It is content related to the next desired occupation.)

Here is an example of an update sent by someone in marketing.



4. Proactively Connect with Recruiters and HR

If you are job searching, then you should absolutely be connecting with corporate recruiters, HR staff, and third party recruiters! It doesn’t guarantee anything, but, it just might help! Glassdoor asked top corporate recruiters two questions- “How would someone get on your radar?” and “was there a candidate that totally wow-ed you and if yes, how did they do it?”

The answers might just surprise you…

Here’s one:

How would someone get on your radar?

“It’s fairly easy to get my attention since I’m fairly transparent. Reaching out to me via Twitter and LinkedIn are one of the easiest ways to get on my radar and even better when those individuals begin interacting with my posts, especially Philips related posts. 

That level of interaction demonstrates their passion for Philips and even if I don’t have an employment opportunity available for that person at that precise moment, I’ll remember that person.”

– Chrystal Moore, Senior Recruiter, Philips Healthcare

5. Add Your Thoughts To Group Discussions

Some recruiters lurk in groups looking for talent. Use occupation or industry specific groups to network! (Networking = building relationships and helping others!) Use these concepts to connect with new people, offer advice/help, share interesting news. This example would be great for leadership or recruiting.



how often people viewed youHow do you know if the changes have helped?

Check out the stats! They are on the right side of your profile. Do this before you make the changes and then check the stats about two to three weeks after you’ve implemented these five tips.

You should see the the numbers for profile views and number of times you appeared in search results increase steadily.

Don’t stop there, however. Include your projects, special interests and publications. Join LinkedIn Groups and contribute to discussions. Your chances of being found on LinkedIn are directly proportional to the effort you put in.

Stay active… stay relevant… and get that phone ringing!





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