In the Job Search Tourney, How Will You Make the Final Four?

IP_TwitterIt’s March Madness time! For college basketball fans there’s no better time of the year than right now.

Basketball fan or not, though, this is also an excellent time to objectively assess where your career development stands. To get that conversation started, we asked: “If you were one of 64 candidates for a specific position, how far would you go in the ‘tournament’ that will decide the winner?”

Second round? Not good enough. Sweet 16? Getting closer. Final Four? Now we’re talking! And, of course, the more you position yourself to make that final group of four, the better your chance of being crowned the champion!

This week’s #InternPro chat took this analogy as far as it could possibly go this week (yes, along the way participants were Googling basketball terms used by the community!) to dive into what it takes to be the person “cutting the net down” (see, there’s another one!) on that final day. We talked about the competitive spirit necessary, the strategies employed by past winners… and at the end, we asked everybody: “How far will you go in the tourney?”

Throughout the chat, the answers were reflective, enlightening and inspiring… as you’ll see in the summary below.

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