How to Write the Perfect Networking Follow Up Email

network-email-circleWhen I first started networking, I made the mistake of not following up. Several times.

I used to say to myself “I know they’ll contact me. I gave them my business card and told them a rock star career story that would enhance my personal brand just like all the advice says to do… they’ll call.”

No one ever contacted me.

It wasn’t until I started sending the networking follow up email below that I really started to see results!

Networking Event Follow Up Email

Subject Line: Nice Meeting You At The Social Media Marketing Conference

Hi Sarah,

It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the Social Media Marketing Conference. I remember you said that your team is struggling to get social media going. I thought you would find this article helpful: “How Any Company Can Get Started With Social Media.”

The company you work for is fascinating and I would like to learn a little more about the role you play there. There is a great coffee shop right by your office. Would you be able to break away for 15-20 minutes this Thursday at 2:00 PM? If not, I am also free all day Friday.

Have a wonderful day,


Notice I Didn’t Say:

  • “My company specializes in helping companies get started with social media.”
  • “Please find attached a PowerPoint presentation that shows how my company can get your company up and running on social media.”
  • “I would love to meet with you and your boss and talk about how my company can increase your social media presence.”

The key to a follow up email after an industry conference or event is not to make it about making a sale, or about you.  

  • You want to build a relationship with the prospect before you ever start talking about doing business together.
  • By sending a helpful article you are gaining that persons trust and you don’t have a sketchy motive.

I want you to do two simple things:

  1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me how following up after a networking event has lead to something great.
  2. Bookmark this article so you can use the template above after you attend a networking event.

Being one of the few who consistently follow up with new contacts within 24-48 hours after a networking event will make you standout among the majority of networkers. After your next networking event, set aside some time to write the perfect networking follow-up email to everyone you met that day.

After all, not following up after a networking event, and not building that relationship, means that you can’t help them… and they can’t help you.





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John MuscarelloAbout the Author: John Muscarello is the founder of Start Networking Today, a website that teaches recent graduates and young professionals how to network and advance their career. John breaks down networking and career advancement techniques he has used into simple actionable steps to help young professionals achieve career success. Connect with John on Twitter!



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