Resume 101: All About Font, Size and Formats [Infographic]

The resume… right or wrong, still a necessary staple of most every job search.

To many job seekers, it’s also one of the most perplexing, misunderstood, and stress-inducing parts of finding a new gig.

With employers receiving an average of 160 resumes for each job opening, your resume doesn’t get read… it gets scanned for about 6 seconds. A few seconds to make a strong enough impression to get you an interview isn’t an easy task. So, your resume better be more than good. Right down to the format and the font chosen, it must be perfect.

And that’s where Resume Templates 101 comes in.

Minus the underlined text in the resume example (which is only good advice for old-school careers like engineering or medical), this infographic will help you create a resume that passes the 6-second test. Check it out… and see how you might do a better job of getting a job… by making a positive first impression.








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