The Social Job Search: Cure for the Resume Black Hole

social-mediaIf you haven’t experienced the dreaded “resume black hole” during your job search yet… the odds are high you will some day.

The resume black hole – where your resume goes never to be heard from again – usually encountered by job seekers who apply through the traditional means of sending a resume to job postings.

However, more companies are increasingly using social media as a major part of their hiring processes. For example, they’re engaging and responding to questions through social platforms (LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Facebook pages). And this recruiting and job search technique just may the cure for the common black hole.

Is your job search ready to go social?

Social Recruiting Humanizes The Process

In fact, many corporate recruiters and human resources professionals say they are open to connecting with candidates through LinkedIn. This is good news for job seekers who often find it difficult to make contacts within companies. With a little research, you can directly connect with corporate recruiters and begin building a relationship. Rather than applying for a job and falling into the black hole, you now have more options to connect and stand out.

Social Recruiting Study Results

Jobvite released their annual findings on how and where job seekers are using social networks for their job search. You can read my summary here.

Take note: There is a major disconnect between job seekers and recruiters. They spend their time in different places.

Tap Friends To Find Job Opportunities

The most compelling reason to embrace social media for your job search is the ability to connect with current and past friends across multiple social networks in order to learn about job opportunities.

Open Networks Build Future Relationships

And did you know you can forge new relationships with influencers and peers you do not yet know? Open networks like Twitter and Google+ allow you to follow or circle people you do not have connections to. You can even communicate with them just by using their name in your status update. You will find most people who use Twitter and Google+ are friendly and often respond to your message if it isn’t spammy or too self-promotional. Try it and see!

The social job search is here to stay… it is how we around the resume black hole.

Today, it is how jobs are found. Are you ready?





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