Does Your Resume Accurately Reflect Your Personal Brand?

personal brandHere’s a great resume tip from Shawnice Meador, Director of Career Management and Leadership Development at MBA@UNC.

To stand out among your career competition, your resume should show employers more than just your skills and experience. Your resume should paint a picture that describes “who you are, if you will fit the company atmosphere and job position,” Meador says.

Here are some ways to ensure your resume accurately reflects your strong personal brand:

State What’s Unique About You in the Summary Statement

“At the very top of your resume, after your contact information, there should be a few bullets or short sentences that provide critical information you want a hiring manager to know about you,” Meader says.

“Each bullet or sentence should be concise, add to your personal brand, and differentiate you from the next person.  Collectively, this top area should showcase your skills and leadership abilities and give a general idea of what it would be like to work with you.”

Spoon-feed Your Passion

Your passion or the type of job you’re going after, Meader says, and this is something you can’t expect them to figure out on their own.

“You need to be the one to tell them. It’s your job to represent the brand that you are passionate about and how those pieces of the puzzle work together.”

Directly convey how your unique skills, accomplishments and breadth of experience can help you go above and beyond the job you’re applying to. Carry the same, unique tone throughout your resume and cover letter.

Before you send your resume, test your personal branding efforts out by asking an impartial reader to glance at your resume. Will he be able to easily figure out what’s unique about you?

To recruiters, far too many resumes are perceived as “generic”… they all sound the same. Make your resume stands out. Before submitting, make sure it is infused with your personal brand.





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