Winning in Our New Economy: Inside the Mind of a Freelancer [Infographic]

If a time traveler from way back in, say 2002, landed in our not-so-distant present, they would hardly recognize the current workplace:

  • Social media, in its infancy when the traveler began their journey, is now incorporated into almost every organization
  • A new group known as “Millennials” are coming into their own, ubiquitously blending the newest technologies into just about every aspect of their work
  • An increasing number of contributors to our new economy rely on entrepreneurial spirit: the have solo gigs, work independently as a contractor and serve as SuperTemps

No doubt that our time traveler would be surprised to learn these “freelancers” are taking over the world:

  • Elance, an online staffing company, reported a 51% increase in businesses contracting work virtually in 2013
  • By 2020, it is estimated that over 50% of income earning opportunities in 2020 will come from non-traditional (read: no W2 every year) sources

Who are these freelancers? What motivates them? What advantages do they have over traditional in-office workers? This infographic from let’s us take a look inside the mind of a freelancer, and learn more about them.

Take a look, and then answer: How well equipped are you to be a winner in our new economy?


Mind of a freelancer






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