The Most Asked Job Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

There is no doubt: we all dread the job or internship interview. So much at stake, and sometimes we want it so badly.

The anxiety that comes with job interviews, however, can often be avoided if we just know what is coming. What will be expected of you? What questions will you need to answer?

With that in mind, our friends over at The Undercover Recruiter uncovered this helpful infographic. Other than showing the top 35 questions asked by recruiters and hiring managers, what we like most about the infographic is in the “how to answer” segments. The originators over at don’t tell us exactly what to say… they tell us how to think about our responses; how to frame our answers effectively.

Before your next interview, use this infographic to practice the answers with someone you trust to provide objective feedback. In the process, you’ll most certainly remove some of the stress that naturally comes with job interviews, be able to answer with confidence, and impress the interviewer!


Most Asked Job Interview Questions






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