The World’s Most Underrated Career Skills (And How to Get Them)

IP_TwitterSoft skills are the new black.

Communications skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills… all among the most in-demand by employers.

However, there are other soft skills that, while not as popular as “work ethic” and “analytical thinking”, make all the difference. Demonstrating these underrated skills in your personal branding, resume and during a job interview sets young careerists apart from their job seeking competition… and lead directly to job offers!

This week’s #InternPro Chat focused in these underrated skills… what they are, what makes them so important to your career… and how to get them. Check out the summary, below. And for more thoughts on the subject, see “The 7 Most Underrated Career Skills… Ever” by YouTern CEO Mark Babbitt.

Join us on Twitter next Monday at the #InternPro hour… 9pm ET… for another informative, enlightening and always fun chat. Our topic: “Finding the Right Fit: The Importance of Culture in Career Planning”.




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