Pitch Like A Pro: Here’s How to Tell Your “Hire Me” Story

x-defaultAs a contributor to some of the biggest magazines on the newsstand and online, I wrote a guide to do-it-yourself publicity designed to pitch story ideas and strengthen relationships with Editors.

It happens that these tips translate quite well to job searching. Keep these five simple tips in mind when pitching your “why you should hire me” story to prospective employers!

1. Do The Hard Work Before You Pitch

Editors everywhere say the single biggest mistake people make when pitching is to not read the magazine before reaching out. If you land an interview, do some research before the big day. Be familiar with the company’s history, goals and competition.

2. Tailor Your Message

Editors don’t want you to outline your whole story in a pitch. They simply want to know the part of your story that matters to their publication, the angle that makes a good fit.

Similarly, prospective employers don’t need to hear your life story in your resume or cover letter. Be sure to edit your resume for excess.

3. Be Polished and Personalized

Your social profiles are the new portfolio. Editors spend time reading your blog and scrolling Twitter to dig for new angles. Potential employees may also research your online presence so keep that in mind when posting.

4. Get Personal

Editors can tell when a company blasted the same general email pitch to everyone in their media address book — the same goes for prospective employers. Take the time to personalize your pitch (and make sure all names are spelled correctly).

5. Follow Up

Following-up is an important component of your outreach, quite often, is just the reminder an editor needs to actually find a place for your idea in their editorial lineup. That same persistence from you may be just the initiative a future employer wants to see in a new hire.





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About the Author: Amy Flurry is author of the much buzzed about DIY Publicity book, “Recipe for Press, Pitch Your Story Like the Pros…..and Create a Buzz!” Follow Amy on Twitter!


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