How to Build a Career After Realizing Your Degree Isn’t Helping

Social Media Side DoorWhat do you do when you realize the degree you spent all those years completing… is completely useless? When the only job you can land after graduation is… collections?

If you’re Ian Greenleigh – author of the must-read book, The Social Media Side Door – you use your most marketable skill (social media) to “flip the script”. You ignore the limitations and stereotypes that come with your college degree, think differently than anyone would have expected, and you write your own ticket.

Just a few excerpts from the show:

  • “I’m an introvert. Everything I do on social media is helping me be more comfortable in real life.”
  • “People approach social with a strictly professional mindset that is going to limit them and they don’t realize it’s a place to make friends and build relationships.”
  • “If there’s one thing that doesn’t work in social is being an opportunist.”

We’re proud to share this SwitchandShift TV interview, hosted by Ted Coine and featuring YouTern CEO Mark Babbitt, with our community. Get ready to listen – and learn!




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