Use Employers’ Social Media to Your Job Search Advantage

researchWith employment on the rise and companies investing more and more to find top talent, job candidates can (and should) invest time to discern if a company is right for them before accepting an offer. One way to do so is to note the organization’s presence online, including their recruitment site, social media channels, and employee interviews.

There can be a lot of web noise when you’re reading these pages, but an astute candidate can learn a lot about a company, its values and perks with a little research. Here are three examples of companies who reveal important information about their culture through their web presence, plus key takeaways for doing your own employer branding research.


Who doesn’t want to work for “The Happiest Place on Earth”? If that title doesn’t convince you to send a resume, Disney has other advantages going for them.

The company has an entire website devoted to Disney careers, which strongly highlights the total rewards of each job. Of course you get a salary, medical and dental benefits, vacation days and a 401(k). In addition, employees can “enjoy the magic.”

Disney has a strong focus on the special extras employees receive. This includes complimentary theme park admissions, merchandise discounts at Disney stores, company-sponsored events and more.

In addition to highlighting these “magical” perks, Disney also has an active Twitter account. More than 55,000 followers see recently-added job posts, daily. Since thousands of people see these job listings, many apply – and then Disney can truly choose from the best.

Key Takeaways: Beggars can’t always be choosers when it comes to a job – but do take a look at a company’s perks. You might not get free admission to Epcot, but send applications to a company that gives employees a unique benefit not every company offers.

Also, follow the career Twitter accounts of companies you’re interested in. You could be the first one to see a job listing and apply – and the candidate who lands the job.


Verizon has mastered its web presence for recruiting with career social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook. But its greatest strength is its videos.

Take a few minutes to watch a video from a Verizon employee and you just might be convinced to fill out an application. Every job level is represented via video – from the Senior Account Executive of Healthcare to an Assistant Store Manager.

Individuals use these minutes to explain the benefits of their job. They highlight everything from developing a meaningful career to providing “powerful answers” so the world can stay connected.

Key Takeaways: Search the web for what employees are saying. It’s the best way to learn a company’s perks and culture, and will help you decide whether you want to be a part of this company.


PepsiCo also has a recruiting Twitter account, but they’ve taken hiring to a new level. US Possibilities is an Android, iPad and iPhone app from PepsiCo, Inc.

What it offers:

  • Connect – Read the latest PepsiCo employee blog posts, watch video releases and respond to the recruiting tweets
  • Search – Narrow down employment options with a keyword, job titles or location. Then, save specific jobs to apply to later or request alerts for your search input
  • Learn – Continuously check in on the latest updates from the company or read all the FAQs answered by the PepsiCo talent acquisition teams
  • Join Become a part of the community, “Possibilities”. There, you’ll be able to network with people in PepsiCo’s hiring team

Key Takeaways: Companies are now thinking outside the box – in this case, outside typical recruiting efforts. Find what resources are out there in your job search, and start networking with the right people!

What’s in It for Me?

So how can this information ultimately land you a job? Take action with three easy tasks:

  • Follow the social media accounts of companies you could see yourself working for. You’ll be able to catch every job listing and learn more about each company and its culture
  • Decide whether your target companies offer perks that are important to you (e.g. healthcare) and what you could live without (e.g. nap pods)
  • Use the Internet to its full potential to discover what employees actually think of the company. If it’s mostly positive, network with employees through websites like LinkedIn

Go where your target employers go online… and use their use of social media to your advantage!






Alexis CaffreyAbout the Author: Alexis Caffrey is a freelance writer with a focus on technology, new media, and design. You can reach Alexis via, or follow her on Twitter!


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