Open Mic Night: Career Questions from the #InternPro Community

IP_Twitter“How do I get recruiters to read my resume?” … “How do I use LinkedIn effectively?” … “How do I get hired with no experience?” … “Is ketchup really a vegetable?”

You have questions about your job or internship search. Everyone does. And that expression about “don’t be afraid to ask because lots of other people have the same question” is true, especially when it comes to our careers.

This Monday, we featured “Open Mic Night” on #InternPro chat. Through social media, we asked InternPro community members to send us their burning job and internship search questions. They did, the community answered, and we all learned a great deal… as you’ll see in this week’s chat summary, below.

Join us again this upcoming Monday night at 9pm ET for another great chat, packaged perfectly for the holiday week!



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