How Does Your Social Footprint Look to a Recruiter? [Infographic]

In the old days (like 3 or 4 years ago), as recruiters narrowed down a list of candidates, they would walk step-by-step through the best recruiting method available to them:

  • Do a face-to-face interview
  • Check references hand-picked by the candidate
  • Rely partly on instinct, and partly on hope that the candidate was sincere during the interview process
  • Make an largely uninformed hiring decision

Ultimately, this process didn’t allow recruiters any objective insight into candidates… other than what they were told.

Social media changed all that. And smart job seekers are taking full advantage.

Social media gives savvy recruiters and hiring managers access to the “real” you… a glimpse into whether you’re likeable and coachable (as you said in your LinkedIn profile). They can assess your level of passion about their industry and their company (which you undoubtedly claimed in your resume and cover letter). Perhaps most important, they can gain insight into whether you’ll fit with their company culture (as explained at length during the interview).

And then they reassess your candidacy, often including sincerity and integrity in their final decisions. Are you… who you said you are?

This infographic from JobVite provides some detail into the reactions of recruiters’ as they see a candidates’ social media footprint. Use this information to your advantage… how will recruiters react to what they find when looking at your social footprint?







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