All I Want for Christmas: Job Search Tips During the Holidays

IP_TwitterThe holidays… home from college… relatives in town… parties… last minute shopping…

It’s a good thing companies take the holidays off from hiring. You can take a break from your job search, right? Whew!

Wrong… the holidays are a fantastic time to ramp up your job search!

Holiday parties are excellent networking opportunities. The quiet time is a great opportunity to refresh your resume and build (or rebuild) your target list. The time away from school or work is perfect for updating your LinkedIn profile and read career-related blogs.

And while you’re at it… check out this week’s #InternPro Chat summary. This past Monday, the community got together with some fantastic ideas for you on how to boost your job search during the holidays. But keep this info to yourself. Let your job search competition think employers stop hiring during the holidays. Shhhhhhh!

Join us again on Monday, December 16, for another #InternPro Chat: “Open Mic Night: Questions from the Community”. Send your job search or career questions you’d like answered to us at We’ll pick the best questions… and you’ll get the best answers available on Twitter!



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