Be Prepared: Can You Answer These Common Job Interview Questions?

InterviewIn any job interview, recruiters will measure you against other applicants based on both what you say, and how you answer questions. You’ll likely be a bit nervous during the interview, yet will have to confidently present answers articulately and without hesitation.

How can you give yourself an advantage to do this better than the candidates you’re competing against?

Begin today by preparing answers to interview questions. I found the questions below to be some of the most basic and best ones. They cover the full range of everything you will need to be able to talk about.

Be prepared to form your answer using STAR stories.

Situation – what was going on (Briefly stated)
Task – what was it that had to happen
Actions – step by step, what did YOU do
Results – what happened because you did what you did

You should practice these answers out loud. They sound different when spoken than they do when you write the answers. And practicing out loud helps you work on your articulation… and reveals pauses and the “um”s and “uh”s that make an interviewee appear less confident.

Practice answers to the following questions, and you’ll be well prepared for many very common job interview questions:

Questions About Your Career Choices and Decisions

1. What made you enter xyz industry / profession?

2. What’s the biggest highlight of your career to date? Why was it a highlight?

3. What’s your biggest career mistake to date? What did you learn from this mistake?

4. Where do you see your career going in 3 years (…or 5 years, 10 years time)

Questions About Each of Your Roles

5. What made you take that particular role on?

6. What were your reasons for leaving that particular role?

7. What did you deliver in each of your roles? Can you quantify these achievements?

Questions About Your Redundancy

8. How many people in your team were laid off?

9. Why do you think you were one of the individuals selected for redundancy?

Questions About You

10. What type of work / roles have you enjoyed the most? What was it about them that you enjoyed?

11. What types of work / roles have frustrated you the most? What was it about them that was frustrating?

12. What are key strengths? Can you provide me with a specific example to back each of them up?

13. What are your key weaknesses / development areas? What are you doing about them?

14. How would you describe your personality and working style?

About Your Application

15. What made you apply for this role / organizations?

16. Why do you feel you’d be suited to this role?

17. What’s unique about you? How are you different to all the other people we’re meeting?





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