Your Social Media Footprint: Are You Taking The Right Steps?

#InternPro_TwitterSocial media has become the young professional’s best friend.  And now, with 94% of them using social media to find candidates, recruiters can say the same thing.

But how, exactly, do you and the recruiters connect on LinkedIn?

  • You have a LinkedIn account, but are recruiters finding you?
  • Can you really find a new gig on Twitter?
  • Can Facebook move past the perception it is “personal” and help you establish yourself as a professional?
  • At some point, will social media replace the resume?

This past week, the #InternPro community came together to discuss your social media “footprint” …how to get the most from social media for your job search and career. Check out the summary below!

#InternPro Chat will be taking Thanksgiving week off. Enjoy the holiday, and we’ll see you again though the following Monday, December 2, at 9pm ET. (Maybe by then… the food hangover will be over?)




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