Recruiters Not Calling? Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume

You worked hard on your resume and cover letter. You applied for the job that, according to the job description, met your qualifications perfectly. Your online presence is impeccable.

And yet, the recruiter never called.

Before you curse out that recruiter, you should know that they likely never saw your resume. That’s because a robot (actually, computer software programmed by the recruiter) accepted your resume digitally – and decided whether or not to pass the resume on to a recruiter.

Given the volume of resumes received, especially at larger companies, it is highly unlikely that a human ever saw your resume.

Today, 95% of large corporations and 50% of mid-sized companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter the deluge of resumes they receive (Google, for example, receives about 75,000 resumes each month!). A human – the ultimate decision maker – will never see your resume… unless you make friends with the robot.

To learn more about about how to make your resume robot-friendly – and to ultimately  get your resume into the hands of a human – take a look at this infographic from HireRight, as showcased on Mashable







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