Forget the Resume! Why a Focus on Social Media Footprint Wins

social-media-footprintSo you spent hours writing, re-writing, editing and generally obsessing over your resume? Your resume is important, so that’s a good start… right?


If you think this one document is going to land you that dream job… think again. To get a job in the 21st Century, you should focus more of your energy on your social media footprint.

Resume Stats You Should Know

  • 6 seconds is all your resume gets to determine “Yes” or “No”
  • According to recruiters, 50% of candidates are viewed as not-qualified
  • Referred candidates are 2x more likely to land an interview than other applicants

False Advertising?

According to a SHRM study, 78% of resumes and applications are misleading.  If you were looking at an advertisement for a car, a house, or any other large ticket item and you sensed the ad was misleading, what would you do? Exactly. You’d dismiss it. And that is what employers are doing with misleading resumes, too.

If the resume was so important, then why are 94% of recruiters, HR and hiring managers turning to social networks to scope out candidates? Maybe it is because the resume stinks. It doesn’t give them the chance to learn very much about you. And the thought of hauling you in for an interview to see if you are the real deal seems like a costly investment if there are other solutions. Apparently, it is also because they don’t trust the information on the resume. And finally, because they can because there is information about you online – free and easily accessible.

Your Digital Footprint

78% of recruiters have hired from social media!

There are hundreds of stories about companies hiring through Twitter…here’s one about a company called Enterasys who hired a marketing executive based on his tweets.

So in March, I decided to abandon the traditional recruitment process for a new position in our marketing department. This wasn’t just any position in marketing. I was looking to hire a six-figure salary, director level marketer responsible for digital and social marketing direction for our company. I did not accept any resumes and I only interacted with the candidates via Twitter.

-Vala Afshar, Enterasys

Create Digital Terrain

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook offer a a peek at what you are saying, thinking and doing. If you are smart, you’ll give them stuff they’ll be impressed by! How?

And, you’ve heard this advice before but it’s amazing how many people still aren’t following it: clean up and lock down Facebook updates!

Your social media footprint is becoming the factor in many hiring decisions. Yes, your resume needs to be good. Your content on social media, however, needs to be even better!





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