Can Hope Become a Replacement for Action?

hopeHow many people have you met who are hoping to get the job of their dreams? Or hoping they get a good grade on their exam? Perhaps you’re one of them.

“Hope” is a feeling of expectation and desire for events to happen. “Hope” is a heart-warming mantra for spectators of the world. It is my belief that “hope” – more than anything else.– keeps people from succeeding.

I don’t hope anything for anyone … including myself. I don’t buy greeting cards with the word “hope” in it. I even try to remove it from everyday speech.

Hope Sucks

My problem with hope is that many people use it to rid themselves of personal responsibility. Hope discounts personal accountability and precludes action.

The very idea of hope is predicated on a belief or feeling that what you want will magically appear, simply by thinking about it. Our society is obsessed with hope.

“Hope” gives us an excuse not to set goals and take action.

  • “I know I didn’t study enough for this exam, but I hope I still do okay.”
  • “I didn’t prepare very well for this job interview, but I hope I can wing it.”
  • “I haven’t had any internships, but I hope employers give me a chance when I graduate.”

Hope is Alluring. Hope is Addictive. Hope is Safe.

I get it.

However, to achieve anything worthwhile, you must be willing to sacrifice present action for future payoff. You must trade thought for knowledge and theory for experience. You must disregard hope and accept reality.

I challenge you to take immediate action.

Start the process by asking yourself these questions (or a variation of them depending on your goals):

  • Am I actively networking with people in my desired industry?
  • Am I studying as much as I should to get an A/B on this exam?
  • Am I honestly putting enough effort into my job search?
  • What can I do differently to improve?

Be honest with yourself… do so and you’ll know exactly where to begin.

Because in order to move forward, you need to be ready to accept the non-sugar-coated truth. When you can do that, you’re ready to give up on “hope” and start living in reality-based action.





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Samuel HershbergerAbout the Author: Community Director and Co-Founder of Undergrad Success, Samuel Hershberger is a budding serial entrepreneur and male fashionista. He splits his time between nerd activities like reading and writing about education, personal development, social dynamics and masculinity — and awesome activities like street photography, sipping coffee, and discovering new music. Samuel’s column runs each Thursday. For a daily kick in the butt and abundant sarcasm, follow him on Twitter.



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