Job Interview #FAIL: Rookie Mistakes that Kill Your Chances

#InternPro Chat TwitterYou secured the interview!

Take a moment and celebrate; pat yourself on the back as you acknowledge that much of your career competition didn’t make it this far.

Then, deliberately recognize that job interviews are a mine field of mistakes that could immediately end your chances of getting the job. Some could be labeled as “common sense” (yet happen all the time!) while others are far more subtle. All of them, however, are avoidable… and every meeting with a potential employer is another chance to improve your job interview performance.

In this week’s #InternPro Chat, the community took on these rookie mistakes at job interviews. The group had some great insight into the most common mistakes and what we can learn from them. We talked about how to impress recruiters so – should a mistake happen – a second chance is more likely to be given. And we talked about building relationships before, during and after the interview to give ourselves the best chance of hearing “We’d like to make you an offer!”

Next Monday at 9pm ET we’ll be back for a Veteran’s Day themed #InternPro conversation aimed at helping our military veterans get their first, or next, civilain internship or job: “Veterans in the Workforce: Serving Those Who Served Us”.

We’ll see you there!




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