Really Want Your Resume Read? Show, Don’t Tell

Resume that gets readHere’s a plea from all employers out there to all job seekers: If you’re going to send your resume to apply for a job opening, please take the time to tailor your resume to the specific requirements of the job posting. Please!

I’ve posted two jobs recently and have been so dismayed by what I’ve received. I skim through the 2-3 pages searching for a reason why this person would be a good match for the job.

In most cases, I can’t figure it out.

Why would a physical fitness coach for a high school be a good admin? Why would an electrical engineer make a good trainer?

I don’t know, because they never told me.

Their resumes seldom contained specific examples of demonstrated skills. One job posting requested Excel skills. I seldom saw any concrete evidence that these applicants had ever used Excel. Sure, some listed Excel under Computer Skills, but that was all.

In every case, I didn’t see the proof.

The other pet-peeve is that both postings asked for a cover letter. I wanted to see one. About 3/4 followed that instruction. And of those 3/4, only a couple were memorable enough to put on the top of the stack. None of them mentioned why they would be interested in working for the company or project stated in the posting. So sad.

  • I am not looking for a “perfect” format. I am looking for the right demonstrated experience
  • I don’t want to figure out why someone is interested in the job, I want them to tell me. (connect the dots for the reader)
  • I don’t have time to pick up the phone and ask them questions about their experience, there are too many resumes and not enough time

Each reviewer of resumes has a different set of preferences, but in the long run, they all want to know the same thing, why is this person interested and qualified for the job?

Your job, as a job seeker, is to get me to want to read your resume. And the only way to do that: show, don’t tell!





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