Is Your Resume Scaring Away Employers?

#InternPro Chat TwitterIt’s Halloween week! Job seekers are…terrified… by the thought of networking. College students are… frightened… by all the news about job prospects after graduation. And hiring managers are… turning into zombies… from countless hours reading resume after boring, flaw-filled resume, almost all of which are immediately sent to the applicant… graveyard.

With a Halloween-inspired theme, this week the InternPro community took on the subject of resumes and why so many are so… scary.

This week’s chat has some… devilish insights… into what makes recruiters dismiss a resume, and some awesome advice on how to bring your resume… back from the dead.

Check out this week’s InternPro Chat summary, and then review your own resume. What improvements can you make so you… stop scaring away employers?

Join us again next Monday at 9pm on Twitter for another #InternPro Chat! Our topic:  “Job Interview Fail: The Rookie Mistakes That Kill Your Chances.”




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