15 Self-Improvement Tips for the Gen Y Job Seeker

creating yourselfWhat is the one thing about our career that never changes? We never stop learning, growing… and improving. Sometimes through experience over time; other times through deliberate self-improvement.

This thorough article from LIfe Hack lists 42 tips to improve yourself and your career. Here, we highlight the 15 that can have a significant impact on you as a job seeker:

Read a New Book

Reading is the perfect way to kick off self improvement. With each new book you read, you’re expanding your knowledge of the world. You learn new stories, new words, and new ways of thinking. Try to read at least one new book every month.

Practice a Foreign Language

Many of us have studied a foreign language at some point in our years of school. Often, we ditch the language as soon as it’s no longer required. Try to pick up where you left off with that language, or learn a new one altogether. Knowledge of foreign languages can help you better understand how the English language works. Plus, it’s a great skill to add to your resume to make you more in-demand.

Experience Something New

Spending your time on the same old hobbies can be monotonous. This month, expand your horizons a little. Try a new hobby or two. “Learning something new requires you to stretch yourself in different aspects, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally,” according to Life Hack. Picking up a new hobby can enrich your mind and be quite fun.

Take a Class

Whether you’re still in college or you graduated with a degree, you should never stop learning new things. There are plenty of classes you can take to better yourself and advance your career. It doesn’t even have to be a semester-long course; it could last a day or two. Take a class that doesn’t play directly into your career. Take something just for the fun of it, just because you’re curious.

Conquer a Fear

Sky diving, mountain climbing, social gatherings, bugs. Whatever you fear, set out to conquer it. Put yourself in situation where you need to overcome these obstacles. Once you overcome a fear, there is so much more room for self improvement. Your fear is no longer standing in your way.

Enhance Your Skills

Whatever skills you pride yourself in, you can always improve them. If you’re a blogger, spend extra time writing. If you’re an artist, focus on that. You’ve heard it before: practice makes perfect. Work hard this month on building up your skill level.


There are so many benefits to exercising. It can improve both your health and mood. If exercise is something you’ve neglected in the past, make it a point to exercise more often. Being in shape will make you feel better about yourself, and confidence can only benefit you as a job seeker.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

People like to stick to things they know. That’s why it’s hard to push yourself to go out of your comfort zone once you’ve established one. There are a lot of ways you can challenge yourself this month. Go out more, meet new people, try something new. Whatever it is, kick the comfort zone to the curb (for a little while anyway). You might find the experience exhilarating.

Ask for Feedback

Self improvement isn’t always easy. We see ourselves in a certain way, and sometimes it’s difficult to see room for improvement. Ask someone you trust for ways you could improve yourself. Maybe they’ll point out something you didn’t even realize.

Write a To-do List

Making lists is a great way to accomplish things. You can make a to-do list for the day, or a long-term bucket list for your goals. Whatever kind of list you make, it always feels good to cross things off it. It’s written proof of your accomplishments.

Quit a Bad Habit

Everyone has bad habits. Life Hack suggests oversleeping, not exercising, being late, slouching, nail biting, and smoking, but the list goes on forever. Make a conscious decision to lose yours.

Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to share your experiences in your professional or personal life (whichever you prefer). You can write about your self improvement or the lessons you learn. Writing can be therapeutic for you and can help others learn from your experiences.

Find a Mentor

There are a million reasons why a mentor is a great person to have in your career. They can help you grow, challenge you, and offer their expertise. Ask someone who already gives you advice, or someone you admire, to be your mentor.

Attend a Networking Event

Meeting new people is a great way to advance your career. A bigger network can open doors to new job opportunities and people to share advice. A networking event is full of people looking for the same thing: to meet new people. Look for an event specific to your industry or interests. You never know what relationships might result.

Set a Goal for the Month

You can pick one item or 15 items to improve about yourself, but make sure you see them through. Set a deadline (like September 30th, for example) to complete your goal by. Quit that habit or read that book by your deadline. Then start over and pick a new goal.

You can do these things at any time to become a better person personally and professionally. Kick-start your self improvement today by selecting one goal, and see it through.





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Jule GanacheAbout the Author: Jule Gamache is a senior at Penn State studying public relations with a minor in Spanish. Before becoming a content creator trainee, Jule was the public relations research assistant at Come Recommended. She has experience in public relations, social media, blogging, research, and marketing from multiple internships and student organizations. Follow Jule on Twitter!



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