Current Hiring Trends: Here’s What Job Seekers Must Know

hiring trendMost hiring trends and recruiters’ preferences come and go, while some tend to stick around for what seems like forever. These trends may include candidates’ skills sets, the means recruiters use to hire, and even the steps in actual hiring process.

In order to have the best possible chance to hear “you’re hired!” candidates must know the current preferences and trends.

To get an expert view on current and future hiring trends, we asked Christa Shapiro, a Regional Vice President with Adecco Staffing US, for her thoughts.

Recruiters Looking for The Perfect Candidate

“Employers are requesting very specific skill sets”, Shapiro told us when asked about specific trends she see’s currently. She described this as the desire to have the “perfect candidate”, someone with certain “skill sets and similar titles” – rather than someone who has worked in the industry.

Although this is a current trend, Shapiro did say that this desire for such a candidate will diminish as the candidate pool shrinks, as it always does.

A Much Longer Interview Process

The hiring process is no longer a relatively quick 3-step process: phone screen, interview, and offer. Shapiro is noticing that “most applicants will have to go through multiple interviews.” She added: “3-4 interviews is completely normal for even entry-level jobs.”

She’s also noticing that more and more employers are utilizing personality evaluations to ensure the candidate is a good cultural fit, which she noted is “has become more and more important.”

Industry Differences Still Exist

While Shapiro told us that employers are looking for the perfect candidate, she also noted that this isn’t necessarily the case for every single industry.

For example: “industries that require specific skills such as the medical device field have very specific education requirements, including specific majors, not just a BA or BS. The medical device or pharmaceutical industry want the person’s last position to be from a similar industry, where other industries do not have specific majors required but certainly want to see a college degree.”

The Future of Hiring

With new tools emerging to find candidates and thousands looking for work, employers are thinking they have a lot to choose from. But, Shapiro notes that this “is not always true.” She says “highly skilled and experienced candidates are very hard to find”, and that’s why she doesn’t believe the “perfect candidate” trend will continue once the economy stabilizes.

Hiring trends do come and go. And the more you know… the better prepared you are to compete well. Strive to understand the current tendencies in your industry — and get that much closer to “you are hired!”.





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