5 Subtle Signs You’re Kicking Butt at Work

how-to-get-awesome-backIf you’re not happy at work, it will be difficult to perform your day-to-day tasks well. You may not even want to get out of bed to go to work in the morning.

The good news is that there is one essential key to happiness when it comes to work:  being appreciated; given praise for a job well done.

Unfortunately, even if a boss or co-worker is pleased with a task you are doing, they may not always show praise or appreciation in a way that you notice, at least at first.

In fact, many are just not comfortable showing praise and appreciation… and rarely do it if at all. So it is up to you to look for the little signs of their gratitude and positive praise, like these:Little signs that you are doing a good job and it is recognized by others include:

1.  You’re Given Increasingly More Complex Work

This will tell you that management knows you are doing good job and trusts you with more work. If your boss didn’t trust you, you’d be given the same task over and over; your responsibility would never increase.

2.  Coworkers Come to You for Advice

This happens because your coworkers know that you are a valuable employee who does the job correctly and that they value your opinion. This puts you in a “mentor” position… one of the best possible ways to know you’re kicking butt.

3.  Others Refer Co-workers and Managers to You

When a colleague appreciates what you do, they will have no trouble referring co-workers, managers, even executives to you as a subject matter expert. Being the go-to person is nothing less than a huge compliment.

4.  You Are Placed in a Leadership Position

This could mean being in charge of a large project or being responsible to train a new employee. When a boss gives you tasks that show you are a leader, it means the job you are doing is appreciated – and your have earned trust among your coworkers.

5.  Clients and Coworkers Talk About You

When a boss, coworker, vendor or client talks about you in a positive way to someone, often that person will let you know what was said. These ricochet compliments are a great barometer of well you’re doing!

Not every boss is effusive with their praise. Not every manager has the time, or even the emotional intelligence, to understand how important the occasional compliment is to you. So, reset your expectations – and look for appreciation in non-conventional, more subtle ways.

Then, focus on continuing to kick butt. Good things will happen.





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About the Author: Nick Anderson is a writer for How2become; a leading career and recruitment specialist. For the last 8 years How2become.com has helped applicants prepare for and pass recruitment processes and assessment centers in order to secure their ideal job.


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