You’re Not Alone: Job Hunting is Way Harder Than We Think [Infographic]

A job search can make you feel like it’s you against the world. It seems like you’re alone, struggling against the economy, resume black holes and paradigms that no longer exist.

The truth is, however… you’re not alone.

In the 2013 AfterCollege Job Seeker Survey the results found that a majority of respondents actually don’t find the job search process as easy as it may appear. A full 80% said they didn’t have a job lined up at graduation. And a combined 54% said “preparing for job interviews” and “customizing your resume/cover letter” for each job was the most stressful part of their job search.

Sound familiar?

This simple infographic from AfterCollege represents the results of their job seeker survey. See if the data on job search, career centers and what graduates look for in a company helps you realize that you’re not so much alone… and are, in fact, a normal recent grad working your way into the workplace.



About the Author: AfterCollege helps college students and recent grads skip the frustration of the job search by suggesting jobs based on your school, major, and graduation date. Check out the AfterCollege Blog to learn about working in different fields and get career-specific job search advice.
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