Dress to Impress: Do’s and Don’ts for Job Interviews [Infographic]

You put several hours into making your resume just right for the position. Your phone and email correspondence with the recruiter has been impeccable. You were charismatic and thorough during the Skype interview.

Yes, you’ve impressed them at every turn… and beat the odds to get an interview.

Then you show up at the recruiter’s office in jeans and a hoodie. (Why not? Zuckerberg wears one!) And you wonder why the phone didn’t ring with a job offer.

Similar stories play out every day across the country. Job seekers put in a ton of work into their job search, only to shoot themselves in the Uggs by under-dressing for the job interview. “Dress for success” is not just an over-used cliche. When it comes to your job search it’s often one of the last important pieces of the puzzle you need to fit.

To help you dress to impress, take a look at this infographic from our friends at Rasmussen College


Dress to Impress






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