Personal Networking: 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Wait

Personal NetworkingOn Twitter this week, a message from Susan Avello (@susanavello) really stuck with me this week:

“Build your network before you need it.”

That simple sentence inspired today’s blog. For job seekers and young careerists, the message is simple: life and business change fast, you need to always be one step ahead.

And in today’s job market, we get ahead based on the strength of our network:

Networking Puts You on the Map

Networking done well allows others to get to know your personal brand and expertise… and then consider you for job openings or as an option to do business with you. Warm leads made easy!

Networking is a Living Reference Library

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to pick up the phone and get some insight quickly because of the fact that I networked with people beforehand. And this resource was even more useful than simply researching online, because I was able to get answers to specific questions I had.

Networking Prepares You for Career Instability

Lay-offs, downsizing, termination, or glass ceilings are all situations that we’ll potentially run into in our lives. Networking can help you keep a pulse on what companies are hiring, who to contact about specific jobs, and allow recruiters to locate you for their pipeline.

And, Yes: Networking Builds Relationships and Credibility

Building relationships with employers, influencers, mentors and colleagues allows them to see that your experience and skills are credible. In turn, that credibility prompts them to recommend and refer you with confidence (often, rather than someone else).

Yes, networking takes time and effort; at times it can be a little overwhelming. The truth of the matter is, however, that this effort will pay off huge throughout your career – and it’s best to build your personal network… well before your career needs it.





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Ashley Lauren PerezAbout the Author: After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human resources and organizational management, Ashley pursued her passion and secured a career path in the human resources industry. She is currently a Sourcing Specialist for WilsonHCG, as well as a Brand Ambassador for WilsonHCG and #TChat.

Additionally, she uses her experience and knowledge to write a blog focusing on an array of Social HR topics. Even if you aren’t in the Charleston, SC, area, you can easily connect with Ashley on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.



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